Centre News

21 December 2023

Visit to Yaraguia – Ballardong Country

Just before Curtin University’s end of year shutdown period, the HC team continued getting out and yarning with community members, led by our Indigenous Liaison Team – Heidi and Grace. On this occasion, joined by post-doctoral researchers Mohammad and Simone, the team headed out to Beverley to yarn with Oral McGuire at Yaraguia property on Ballardong Country.

Over the course of the day, Oral spoke about his overall vision for the property – to heal country, a journey in which he began over 15 years ago, starting first with allowing boodja to rest. Oral led us on a tour of the property, while along the way, speaking about the different issues affecting Country as a consequence of great degradation from historical agricultural practices. We spoke about the prominence of poor soil quality, weed infestations, and highly salinity as some examples affecting not only this Country – Ballardong Country, but right throughout areas across the wheatbelt. This led to discussions with Simone and Mohammad on ways to overcome issues and potential avenues for research into discussed issues.

This was a great day out on Country and a good introduction for our newest member, Mohammad, to the environmental issues faced by boodja in the wheatbelt.

Thanks to Oral for having us and Heidi for organising.