Centre News

20 July 2023

The Ecological Society of Australia Annual Conference 2023

Earlier this month, Assoc. Prof. Andrew Knight facilitated a symposium on behalf of Healing Country at The Ecological Society of Australia Annual Conference 2023 in Darwin. Andrew spoke alongside Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emilie Ens, Caitlin Dunolly-Lee, Dr Leigh-Ann Woolley, Dr Wesley Ward, and Shaina Russell.

The symposium presented a diverse suite of complementary examples of education and training initiatives to examine: 1) the ways in which they’ve worked to decolonise the institutions they operate in and with; 2) the lessons they’e learnt in developing and delivering First Nations graduates and professionals to the management of Country; and 3) the directions that these initiatives will be looking to take as they a dapt to current and future needs of First Nations people and the institutions responsible for managing Country.

Thank you to The Ecological Society of Australia for hosting and special thanks to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emilie Ens for co-organising the symposium.