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Professor Kingsley Dixon

Professor Kingsley Dixon

Chief of Science

Professor Kingsley Dixon is a John Curtin Distinguished Professor at Curtin University, who has 40 years’ experience in restoration ecology with 414 scientific publications, including National and International Principles and Standards for the Practice of Ecological Restoration, and 13 notable books including several devoted to restoration planning and delivery. Dixon established WA’s first Indigenous-owned and operated seed farm for restoration seed in the Midwest region of WA in 2018 (Midwest Employment and Economic Development Aboriginal Corporation (MEEDAC) Seed Farm). He will link Healing Country activities to his active programs with Traditional Owners in the East Kimberley region, Yawaru in Broome, Yamatji in the Midwest, and Noongar groups in Southwest Australia. His extensive experience with industry demonstrated by ARC Linkage success proves a capacity and role for communication with industry and practitioners.

Professor Dixon will be co-leading the Restoration Science Theme of the ARC Training Centre for Healing Country with Oral McGuire and will serve as Chief of Science for the ARC Training Centre for Healing Country.

Photo Credit: Ezra Alcantra Photography

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