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Professor Fiona Haslam McKenzie

Professor Fiona Haslam McKenzie

Deputy Director

Professor Fiona Haslam McKenzie is a Winthrop Professorial Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia (UWA). She has expertise in regional economic development and political geography with extensive global experience in population and socio-economic change, housing, and analysis of remote, regional and urban socio-economic indicators.

Professor Haslam McKenzie has published widely and undertaken work for all three tiers of government, the corporate and small business sectors both nationally and in Western Australia. She was formerly the WA Director of the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute and subsequently lead of the CSIRO Minerals Down Under Regions in Transition Project. In 2012, she was appointed Principal Research Leader of the Regional Economies – Enduring Community Value from Mining program for the Remote Economic Participation Co-operative Research Centre until 2015, when she was appointed Director of the Centre for Regional Development at UWA.

Professor Haslam McKenzie currently serves as a board member of the Western Australian Environmental Protection Authority and is Regional Economic Development program lead on the Co-operative Research Centre for Transformation in Mining Economies, assessing socio-economic preparedness of mining regions and designing re-purposed mining economies.

Professor Haslam McKenzie will co-lead the Socioeconomics Research Theme of the ARC Training Centre for Healing Country with Heidi Mippy.

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