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Kim Collard

Kim Collard

Kim Collard is a Balladong Wilmen man of the Nyoongar Nation and is one of less than a handful of fluent language speakers of the Balladong dialect. He is a well-respected member of the Higher Education community, during his 11 years at Curtin University he held several senior positions including Undergraduate Coordinator of Indigenous Australian Cultural Studies. During this time he served two 3-year terms as a community member of the Aboriginal Education and Training Council and also served one 3-year term as a member of the Aboriginal Advisory Committee to the Curriculum Council of Western Australia. Kim has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Aboriginal Community Management and Development and recently graduated with a Masters in Aboriginal Health Economics from Curtin University.

Kim is a highly sought-after consultant and facilitator with a reputation for delivering world-class outcomes for clients. Kim has been the Director of his own consultancy firm, Kooya Consultancy for the past 15 years, Kooya is an Aboriginal owned consultancy firm that offers comprehensive and professional Aboriginal education, training and consultancy services to the business and industry sector, community, private, government and non-government sectors. Kooya Consultancy specialises in promoting intercultural understanding from the perspective of the Aboriginal Community. Kooya’s pursuits draw on the disciplines of anthropology, psychology, law, behavioural science and education to create sites of affirmation, celebration and unity in pursuit of social justice and equity.

Kim is also Chief Executive Officer for his two other businesses:

  • Kulbardi – Australia’s largest Aboriginal owned office supplies company
  • Kooya Australia Fleet Solutions – Australia’s only Aboriginal owned Fleet Management and finance company.

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