Post-Doctoral Researchers

Dr Mohammad Farzam

Mohammad Farzam is a Professor of Restoration Ecology and works as a research fellow at the ARC Centre for Healing Country, Curtin University.

Mohammad graduated from the University of Cambridge in the UK and has been working on Aridland Ecology and Restoration for 21 years in Iran. Involvement in global research projects such as BIOCOME and BIODESERT, along with publishing papers in prestigious journals like Nature and Science, has led Mohammad to be recognized as a highly cited scientist in the years 2020 and 2022. Prof. Farzam’s research is aimed at finding solutions for major issues such as ‘rainfall deficit’ and ‘weed competition’ to restore degraded lands in Western Australia (WA). This involves developing techniques like ‘precise seeding’ and ‘seed pelleting.’ As a member of Healing Country, Mohammad’s research also targets the introduction of feasible and cost-effective restoration methods to the Indigenous community and local industry in WA. 

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