Centre News

20 September 2023

Meelyu Knowledge Sharing Trip

Last week, Healing Country Associate Scientist Holly Bradley had the privilege of being invited onto Badimia Country to share knowledge about the endangered meelyu (Egernia stokesii badia), an important totem to some Badimia families, and the focal species of Holly’s previous four years of PhD study. Holly said it was great to be part of a joint management meeting with representatives of the Badimia community and DBCA, to discuss the shared management of nature.

A highlight of the trip was a field day where we excitingly discovered a new colony of the endangered meelyu, and tried out some endoscope cameras to inspect hollows for well-hidden skinks.


Photos 1-3 are taken by Dave Pongracz (DBCA Operations Officer – Conservation, Murchison District) and the other 2 are taken by Holly, showing the open eucalypt woodland habitat and an echidna we found whilst looking for skinks. Photo three is a scat pile which helps indicate if the log piles are occupied by the skinks.