Centre News

29 November 2022

CRC TiME Forum ‘Breaking Barriers’

Several Healing Country members attended and presented on various panel discussions at the CRC TiME Forum ‘Breaking Barriers’. Professor Stephen van Leeuwen discussed
the topic of ‘How do we move beyond ‘return to prior state’, Prof Fiona Haslam McKenzie explored social drivers and constraints influencing post-mining land use, while Healing
Country Board Members Oral McGuire discussed the meaning of Transformation and Mandy Downing presenting discussions on First Nations inclusion in research and mine



(L) Mandy Downing contributing to CRC TiME Panel discussion ‘First Nations inclusion in research’

(R) CRC TiME Forum (L-R): Andrew Knight, Mandy Downing, Christian Miller-Sabbioni, Vanessa MacDonald, Oral McGuire

What is CRC TiME?
CRC TiME stands for The Cooperative Research Centre for Transformations in Mining Economies.

What is it all about?
CRC TiME brings together;

  • Over 70 leading mining and mining service companies
  • Regional developmet organisations,
  • State and Commonwealth governments and
  • Research partners

With aims to achieve coordinated investment into innovative research that addresses the complex challenges underpinning mine closure and relinquishment.